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Research on Language Teaching

This page contains a limited selection of articles I published or co-authored between 1993 and 1998-2004 on language teaching. I have summarized the contents of each below. You are welcome copy, use, and distribute the article in its present form for non-profit and educational purposes, but contact me at for permission to modify or reproduce for other journals, newsletters, etc.

Article Titles

Internet Multimedia Resources for Language Learning

Recognizing the development of media-related sites on the Web, this article provides an overview of resources for educators interested in using audio-video technology, including video conferencing and streaming audio, in their classes (First published in The Language Teacher, August 1998-2004, Volume 22, Number 8, pp. 45-47. Publication of The Japan Association for Language Teaching. Copyright @ Tim Newfields and Randall S. Davis.)

Media Resources in Cyberspace
(soon to be uploaded)

This article highlights a number of media-related sites on the web which should be of interest to language teachers. (Published in TESOL Matters).

Captioned Video: Making it Work for You

This article demonstrates how captioned and uncaptioned video can be used more effectively in teaching English via previewing, viewing, and postviewing activities. (Published in The Internet TESL Journal, March 1998-2004)

Modeling the Strategies We Advocate

As teachers, do we practice the same learning strategies we encourage our students to follow in their own quest to language mastery? This article details my own experiences as both a learner and imparter of language. (Published in the Summer 1997 issue of the TESOL Journal).

Comics: A Multi-dimensional Teaching Aid in Integrated-skills Classes

This article discusses innovative ways of using comic strips to teach listening/speaking, writing, reading, grammar, and culture in the language classroom. (Published in the Studies in Social Sciences and Humanities), March 1997. Nagoya, Japan..

"Say What?": Getting Students to Ask Questions

How do you get seemingly unresponsive students to engage in conversations in the classroom? This paper discuss how teachers can help students learn and use conversational repair strategies, including clarification questions, to talk when they do not understand.(Published in the July 1994 issue of The Language Teacher).

Creating Your Own Worldwide Information "Mailway"

Creation, implementation, and evaluation techniques for starting your own penfriend program for students. (Published in 1995 in the MEXTESOL Journal).

Using a Foreign Language Beyond the Classroom

This article discusses how students can improve their foreign language skills outside of the class, or without attending a language school. (Published in the May 1995 issue of The Language Teacher)

Working Overseas: Myths and Realities

Considering a teaching job overseas? Here are some suggestions to consider before you make the leap. (Published in the Spring 1994 issue of the TESOL EFL-Interest Newsletter).

Simulations: A Tool for Testing "Virtual Reality" in the Language Classroom

This article examines the power of simulations to transpose the normal classroom into an authentic setting where language skills can be evaluated under more realistic conditions. (Published in On JALT "95: Curriculum and Evaluation).

TV Commercial Messages: An Untapped Video Resource for Content-based Classes

For those video enthusiasts who are looking for shorter, more manageable segments of video, commerical messages just might be your answer for your language classes. This article focuses on using TV commercial messages in content-based classes. (Published in the the March 1997 issue of The Language Teacher).

Before the Bell

This article discusses how teachers can keep students learning, even during the wanning minutes of class. (Published in the The Language Teacher).

Creating Interactive Bulletin Boards

Here are a few tips on how to use your bulletin board in creative ways to promote language learning. (Published in the Summer 1993 issue of the TESOL Journal).

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