Security Systems: Home and Business

Matching Exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left by dragging them over. Your score is calculated by adding up the scores for all the questions that have been answered so far (correct and wrong tries), and changing the result into a percentage.
The robber told the cashier at the restaurant to ___________ all of the money in a bag.
The customer tried to distract the robber with _____________ while a fellow worker called the police.
My dad was feeling a little __________ because he was robbed last night while coming home from work, but I can understand his feelings.
Even though my brother stole money from our company, he was very sorry for his actions and repaid the money, so we decided to ________________ with some penalties. He just made a bad choice.
You just shouldn't _______________ about the theft. It happened, and wondering what you could have done will only make you feel depressed.
keep him on
get worked up