Great Apartment Living

Gap-fill Exercise

Fill in all the missing words below. Then, press "Check Answers" to grade your responses. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter. You can also click on the "[?]" button to get more hints, but you lose points if you ask for help.

This gap-fill exercise is only for the first part of the original listening activity on Randall's site. The audio recording that you hear is for the full listening conversation.

Apartment Owner: Hello.
Caller: Hi. I'm about the ad for the apartment found in today's newspaper.
Apartment Owner: Okay.
Caller: I'm of desperate, and I need something right away.
Apartment Owner: Okay. What would you like to know?
Caller: First of all, how is it?
Apartment Owner: It's a two-bedroom apartment with a living room, room and kitchen, and one bathroom. There's also a place for a washer and dryer.
Caller: Okay, and how is the apartment complex?
Apartment Owner: Well, let's just it has a lot of history. To be honest, my great grandfather it during the 1920s, but it's a very and sound structure.
Caller: Oh, and . . . so, is the apartment at all?
Apartment Owner: Oh, yeah. The apartment is partially furnished with a refrigerator, , and my grandmother's old dishwasher.
Caller: Your grandmother's old dishwasher? Okay. What's the rent?
Apartment Owner: It's $950 a month.

[ The conversation continues . . . ]