Budget Hotel Rooms

Gap-fill Exercise

Fill in all the missing words below. Then, press "Check Answers" to grade your responses. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter. You can also click on the "[?]" button to get more hints, but you lose points if you ask for help.

This gap-fill exercise is only for the first part of the original listening activity on Randall's site. The audio recording that you hear is for the full listening conversation.

Man: Hi. I have a reservation for tonight, and I just to check in.
Hotel Clerk: Sure. What's your name?
Man: Uh. Mike Adams.
Hotel Clerk: Okay. Let me here. Um. Here's your key to open your door. You're in 360. Just walk down this hall [Okay.], and you'll see the elevators on your right.
Man: Oh, okay, and what time is the restaurant for breakfast?
Hotel Clerk: It serves breakfast from 6:30-10 a.m.
Man: Oh, okay. And, uh, where's the room? I'd like to, you know, run a couple of miles before going to tonight.
Hotel Clerk: It's on the second floor, and it's open 'til 10 tonight [Okay.], but the treadmill isn't working.
Man: Oh, oh well. And one question. Do you have wireless Internet in the rooms?
Hotel Clerk: We DO [Ah!]. . . for $7.95 a night.
Man: Uhhh, I thought something like that would be free.
Hotel Clerk: No, sorry, sir but you can get free wireless access if you in the parking lot on the far north side. [Oh!] You see, the next to us has wireless and . . . .
Man: Oh, great. Um, and uh . . . forget that. And every room has a refrigerator, right?
Hotel Clerk: Well, we can have one put in your room for an additional dollars a night.

[ The conversation continues . . . ]