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Heavenly Pies Restaurant

Instructions: Click the "play" button and listen to the conversation. Then choose words from the vocabulary list above and write them in the correct blank.

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Waiter: Hi. Welcome to Heavenly Pies. May I (1) your order?

Man: Uh . . . yes. I'd like the chicken fried steak.

Waiter: Okay. Would you like fries, bread, or rice with your (2)?

Man: Umm. I'll take the rice?

Waiter: Would you care for anything to drink?

Man: Yeah. I'll take a medium orange juice.

Waiter: I'm sorry. We (3) have large or small.

Woman: Well, in that case, uh, I'll have a small one.

Waiter: Okay. A small juice. And what (4) of dressing would you like with your salad. It comes with the fried steak.

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