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New Year's Message 2019

Thank you for visiting my Web sites during the past year.

As I read over my New Year's Message from last year, I realized that my thoughts center around the same hopes and dreams for everyone.

I wish you a happy and prosperous New Year in your personal life. I have come to realize that each day is a new beginning and an opportunity to life fully in the moment. Along our personal journeys, I hope that we can show greater graciousness, compassion, and understanding to all who struggle in their own lives. Lifting others is what life is all about, and I have discovered that when we tell our own stories of personal struggle, we often validate the journeys of others, and this shared experience often gives rise to greater peace, innovation, and wholeheartedness.

You can't show love and compassion from a distance. Reach out and connnect with others up close. Some conversations can be difficult and even uncomfortable, but deep human connection is the gateway to a fulfilling life.

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Randall hiking with family in the mountains near his home in Utah.

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