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DVD Movie Rentals

Click the "Play" button and listen to the conversation. Fill in the missing words.

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Man: Hey, Kathy. I'm (1) about renting a movie for tonight's party, and I want to (2) what kind of movies you like.

Woman: Okay. What kind of movies do you have in mind?

Man: Well, what about (3) movies?

Woman: Ah, I don't really like action movies. Too much (4).

Man: Okay, do you like comedies?

Woman: Now, I do (5) comedies.

Man: Fine. Well, what do you think of (6) movies or love stories?

Woman: Uh . . . I'm not really (7) about horror movies, but love stories are (8) fun to watch. Oh, and I really like (9) films, too.

Man: Okay. I'll go to the video store and see what I can (10). Thanks.

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