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Winter Sports
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Instructions: Watch this video clip and answer the questions based on what you see and hear.

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Online Investigations and Discussion Questions

What seasonal activities are popular in the area where you live? Which ones are popular for different age groups: children, teenagers, young adults, adults, seniors? Discuss your ideas with a partner and/or write your opinions on a related topic at Randall's ESL Blog HERE.

Questions: [ See Script ]

1. When you sled, you should pay careful attention to ___________.

A. other people around you
B. obstructions that you can't see
C. deep heavy snow

2. ____________ can help you keep up your energy level.

A. Taking breaks
B. Eating food
C. Drinking juice

3. It is important to tell family and friends where you are going and __________.

A. who is going with you
B. what car you are driving
C. what time you will arrive home

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