[Quiz Script]

Interview with Steve Ryan

Instructions: Steve Ryan, a former lecturer at Nagoya City University, Japan, discusses two ways to learn a foreign language.

1. What is Steve's first suggestion for language learners?
A. make weekly study goals.
B. surround oneself in the language.
C. buy a good dictionary.

2. What kinds of listening activities does Steve suggest?
A. documentaries
B. TV commercials
C. news reports

3. What has Steve learned from these activities?
A. better pronunciation
B. culture
C. new words

4. A "situational notebook" is used for writing:
A. one's language learning experiences.
B. new phrases and vocabulary
C. one's plans for future study.

5. Keeping a "situational notebook" helps students:
A. use the language immediately.
B. set realistic goals.
C. improve their writing skills.

[Quiz Script]

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