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Instructions: Watch this video clip, and then answer the questions based on what you see and hear.


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Hi, I'm Randall and of course, most of the day I spend teaching English as a second language, but I like a lot of things outside of work to enjoy life. Uh, I like going running with my wife, especially on a beautiful day like this, a Saturday. We often go up a few miles, uh, run, and return home.

I also enjoy doing family history, finding out about our family, finding out the history and story, and the people that, uh, are a part of my life.

And the other think I like to do is spend time with family. And we enjoy, for example, playing soccer in the back yard, or maybe going to a movie and just enjoying things together. Or we might go for a walk or go swimming. Any of those activities to develop a relationship with them.

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