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A Healthy Lifestyle: Exercise
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Instructions: Watch this video clip on the topic of health and exercise, and then answer the questions based on what you see and hear.

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Hi, I'm Randall, and I just wanted to share with you three ideas on how to exercise better. Number one, choose something that you enjoy. If you like running, run. If you like lifting weights, do that as well.

The second idea is do it with someone. Uh, it's kind of boring to do exercise by yourself, but if you do, you know, exercise with a friend . . . I enjoy doing it with my wife . . . then you can talk, and share ideas, share goals together.

And that leads to the third point. Choose something that is realistic. Don't try to run nine days a week. Just start basic. Start easy, and as you do that, you can kind of work up to things to where you're feeling comfortable and feeling good about your exercise program.

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