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This page contains handouts that can be used to (a) familiarize users with this site and (b) help teachers and students keep track of their learning on this site. Other documents come from presentations I have given at conferences. Teachers are welcome to copy and distribute these materials for personal or classroom use. Most of the files were created in both PDF (Adobe Reader required) and MSWord Format. Have an idea for a new handout for your students? Please contact me with your suggestions.

Classroom Handouts

Randall ESL Cyber Listening Lab - Information Sheet

  • This three-page document explaining the features of the lab and how the site can be used for teaching and learning.
  • [ Download: PDF ]
Free Online Listening Web Sites - Announcement
  • A one-page handout teachers can use to inform students about all of my listening sites.
  • [ Download: PDF ]
Randall ESL Cyber Listening Lab - Quick Reference Guide
  • A one-page guide on how to use the site for first-time users.
  • [ Download: PDF | MSWord ]
Randall ESL Cyber Listening Lab - Small Leaflet
  • A small leaflet that teachers can pass out to students containing a basic description of the site and the URL.
  • [ Download: PDF | MSWord ]
Homework Sheet - Self-Grading Quizzes
  • A self-reporting worksheet in which students can record the date, their score on listening quizzes, and vocabulary they learned from each activity. Students are also encouraged to write sample sentences for each new word so they learn how to use the vocabulary in context.
  • [ Download: PDF | MSWord ]
Homework Sheet - Language Learning Tips (www.esl-lab.com/tips/)
  • A self-reporting worksheet that can be used to record your answers to questions based on the content of mini-lectures and readings.
  • [ Download: PDF | MSWord ]
Homework Sheet - Vocabulary (www.esl-lab.com)
  • This sheet can be used to write down new vocabulary and their definitions from the listening activities on this site, and students are encouraged to then write sample sentences for each word as a way of learning how to use the vocabulary in content. Two online dictionaries are recommended to complete this task.
  • [ Download: PDF | MSWord ]

Presentation Handouts

Finding Your Way in a Dynamically-Changing Profession

  • This presentation given at MEXTESOL 2016 (Monterrey, Mexico) describes Randall's professional journey over the past 25+ years and retells how recognizing his mistakes and following wrong assumptions about teaching and students has redirected him to greater personal and professional growth.
  • [ Download: PowerPoint ]
Online Listening: Tricks, Tools, and New Directions
  • This presentation at TESOL discusses a variety of online services and other related tools that can assist in teaching listening and speaking skills in the ESL/EFL classroom.
  • [ Download: PowerPoint ]
Challenges and Opportunities in Designing New Multimedia ELT Materials (also, The ABCs of Authoring Multimedia for Language Learning)
  • This presentation explains new directions in materials development, and Randall shares the basic nuts and bolts of selecting and using different hardware devices and software for producing high-quality multimedia content.
  • [ Download: PowerPoint ]
YouTube Video Tutorials on Multimedia Authoring:

Video Recipes to Spice Up Grammar Learning

  • This presentation discusses how teachers can energize their grammar classes with pedagogically-sound teaching ideas using movies, TV commericals, and other media content.
  • [ Download: PowerPoint | Handout ]
The Hows of Creating Measurable and Meaningful Speaking Assessments
  • This presentation addresses the challenges of assessing students' speaking skills and then explains ideas on how to create classroom activities that provide concrete feedback to language learners.
  • [ Download: PowerPoint | Handout ]
Is Technology a Modern Blessing or a 21st-Century Curse?
  • This discussion session provides opportunities for teachers to share the challenges and benefits of integrating technology in their classrooms.
  • [ Download: PowerPoint | Handout ]
What's All the Hype About MP3 Players?
  • This poster session explains how digital voice recorders and other electronic devices can be used to support language learning and instruction.
  • [ Download: PDF ]
10 Essential Search/Resource Tools for Online Learners
  • This presentation examines how students can more effectively search the Internet for academic purposes.
  • [ Download: PDF ]
Creating Digital Voice Journals for Self-Assessment
  • This session describes how teachers can help students self-assess their speaking skills using a variety of hardware recording devices and other software options.
  • [ Download: PDF ]
Technology Across the IEF Curriculum
  • This presentation focuses on how teachers can blend language skills and technology in the classroom.
  • [ Download: PDF ]
Searching the Internet with a Backhoe, Not a Toothpick
  • This demonstration focuses was on how students and teachers can more effectively search the Internet for quality information.
  • [ Download: PDF ]
Creating Listening Activities That Work
  • This PowerPoint presentation deals with understanding factors that affect listening comprehension and ways of improving students' listening comprehension skills.
  • [ Download: PDF ]
Keys to Selecting and Using Listening Websites
  • This PowerPoint presentation discusses important pedagogical issues in selecting listening Websites for language teaching and learning.
  • [ Download: PDF ]
The ABCs of Authoring Online Listening Activities
  • This poster session deals with the basics in creating multimedia for the Web, from coming up with content ideas to editing and recording audio.
  • [ Download: PDF ]
Friend or Foe? Technology in the Language Classroom
  • This plenary address examines the challenge in effectively integrating technology in the classroom.
  • [ Download: PDF ]
Authoring Audio for the Web
  • This handout describes the relatively-unknown process of authoring MP3 audio files with the Sound Recorder application in the Windows operating system.
  • [ Download: PDF ]
Dare to Go Digital!
  • This PowerPoint outlines the steps to creating online multimedia.
  • [ Download: Handout | PowerPoint ]
Breaking the Sound Barrier on the Internet
  • This PowerPoint presentation discusses the steps to selecting hardware and software for authoring audio for the Internet.
  • [ Download: PDF ]
Multimedia Web Sites for Improving Listening Comprehension Skills
  • This PowerPoint describes a variety of Websites for helping students improve their listening skills.
  • [ Download: Handout | Powerpoint ]
Keys to Effective Speaking Assessment