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School Report

Instructions: Click the "Play" button and listen to the recording. Then write the words you hear in the correct blank.

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Girl: Dad, can I go to a movie with Sharon?

Dad: Yeah, sure, but wait. Weren't you suppose to get a (1) card sometime this past week?

Girl: Well, oh yeah. Can I call Sharon now?

Dad: Uh-hum. You didn't answer my question. Did you receive it or not?

Girl: I love you Dad! You're the best!

Dad: Don't try to (2) me up. I can guess that your answer means that you didn't do well in some of your classes?

Girl: Well, my English teacher is soooo (3), and he blows up every time someone talks.

Dad: In other words, you're not doing so well?

Girl: Uh, a C . . . minus.

Dad: Oh. Well, how are you doing in your Spanish class? You said you liked that one.

Girl: Well, I do, but I forgot to turn in a couple of assignments, and I had problems on the last test. All those (4) tripped me up. I get them all mixed up in my head!

Dad: Okay, and what about algebra?

Girl: Ah, I'm acing that class. No (5).

Dad: Oh!

Girl: Can I go now?

Dad: And how are you doing in (6)?

Girl: Oh, that's my favorite class. Mr. Jones is always passing out candy if you know the (7) to his questions.

Dad: Great. Now, I have a (8) daughter with tooth decay.

Girl: Ah, Dad. Can I go now?

Dad: You can go if you answer my history question. How old am I?

Girl: Uh, fifty-five?

Dad: Fifty-five! You just failed a (9) and history test at the same time!

Girl: Dad . . .

Dad: Well, okay, but you need to come (10) home from the movie, and you need to practice your clarinet.

Girl: Oh, I forgot about that grade?

Dad: What?

Girl: Gotta run, Dad.

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