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Trivia Game Show

Instructions: Click the "play" button and listen to part of the conversation from the quiz. Then choose words from the vocabulary list and write them in the correct blank. .

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Game Show Host:

"Thank you, Thank you and welcome to everyone's (1) game show, Unbelievable Trivia. Today's contestant, Julie Jones, has just (2) our bonus round and is trying to win our grand prize, $30,000 in (3) and an all-expense paid, six-day vacation to China. Okay, Julie. In order to win the grand prize, you must (4) all four of the bonus questions correctly. All of the questions are true or false. If false, you must make the (5) true by giving the correct information. If not, you go home with our consolation prize: a fine set of encyclopedias on (6) repairs."

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