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Recreation Center

Instructions: Watch this video clip, and then answer the questions based on what you see and hear.

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Hi, I'm Randall, and I am nearby our city's recreational center, where they have a track, and a sports field, and uh, exercise machines, and uh, it's interesting that every year, at the beginning of the year, people set new goals to go and exercise, but I find that many people give up soon thereafter. In other words, they might start and go exercising on January first, and second, and third, and then find later reasons not to go.

But I think there are two things that you can do to maintain a good exercise [program] . . . . a good lifestyle for the long term. Number one: go with a friend. If you don't go, your friend will push you along and encourage you to do it. And number two, set realistic goals. You're not going to go exercise twelve times a week. So, doing things small, going with a friend, can make a big difference in your exercise program.

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