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Apartment Living
Basic Level

II. Listening Exercises
Listen to the sentences again by pressing the Play Audio button and read along with the recording.

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Woman: So, what is your apartment like?

Man: Oh, it's great. There are three bedrooms, a nice kitchen, a living room, and a laundry room.

Woman: That sounds nice.

Man: Yeah, and there is a swimming pool next to the apartment building. And, uh, I usually study there, you know, the sun and all.

Woman: Oh, yeah, right.

Man: Oh, and there are two fast food restaurants across the street, so it is a quick way to get a meal.

Woman: Um, that sounds good. How much do you pay in rent?

Man: Well, I have two roommates, so I pay $275 a month. Uh, that's my share.

Woman: Serious? That's a real good price.

Man: Yeah, it's not bad.

Woman: Um, are utilities included?

Man: Uh, gas, water, and electricity are included. The Internet and cable TV are separate.

Woman: That's a fabulous price. How on earth did you find a place like that?

Man: Just found it online.

Woman: Wow. That sounds like a nice apartment.

Man: Yeah, come over some time.

Woman: Okay. I'll do that.

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