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What is she like?

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Tom: Hey Bill. Do you have any plans for this weekend?

Bill: Yeah Tom. Cindy and I are going ice skating on Saturday.

Tom: Oh

Bill: Why do you ask?

Tom: Well, I thought you might want to come over and study for next week's chemistry test.

Bill: Study?! No way. Hey, what if I try to fix you up with Cindy's sister, Kristi. We could double. She's really outgoing, bright, and funny too.

Tom: Hey, I still remember the girl you fixed me up with last time. She was very moody and self-centered. She couldn't stop talking about how great she was. I'm not sure if I can trust you, "Mr. Match-maker."

Bill: Oh come on. So I made a mistake last time. Cindy's sister is really different.

Tom: Well, what does she look like?

Bill: Ah. Looks aren't important. She has a wonderful personality.

Tom: Right.

Bill: Okay. She has long wavy blond hair and blue eyes. She's medium height, just a little shorter than you are.

Tom: Go on.

Bill: She has a great figure, a nice complexion, and she has a sexy voice. Oh, and she has a tattoo of an eagle on her arm.

Tom: A what?

Bill: No just kidding. By the way, she was runner-up in the Miss California Beauty Pageant two years ago. And well, you're probably not interested.

Tom: No wait.

Bill: Ah, just forget I ever mentioned it.

Tom: No, I'm interested.

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