Quiz Script
What is she like?

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1. What does Bill have planned for the weekend?
A. He is going skiing.
B. He plans on studying.
C. He is going ice skating.

2. What does Bill suggest to Tom?
A. going on a double date together
B. going to the chemistry lab with Cindy
C. preparing for a test

3. Who is Kristi?
A. Bill's cousin
B. Tom's friend
C. Cindy's sister

4. What is Kristi like?
A. She is a considerate person.
B. She is sociable.
C. She is very fashionable.

5. What is one thing NOT true about Kristi?
A. She has long wavy blond hair.
B. She is fairly short.
C. She is a good figure.

[Quiz Script]

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