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Friendly Dental Care

Instructions: Click the "Play Audio" button and listen to the recording. Then write the words you hear in the correct blank.

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Patient: Hi. Dr. Hyde?

Dentist: So, what's seems to be the (1) today?

Patient: Well, I just came in for a check up and a dental (2).

Dentist: Hum. Open up. Let's take a look . . .

Patient: Okay. Uh . . .

Dentist: Hummmm. [Humm? Uh?] Wow! I've never seen one like THIS before. Let me try this.

Patient: Uhhh . . . Ouhhhh [Man screaming in pain . . .]

Dentist: Well, besides a lot of (3) buildup, there is a major cavity in one of your wisdom teeth. [I feel that.] Hasn't this given you any trouble?

Patient: Well, the tooth has been bothering me, and it sometimes (4) when I drink something cold. Does it look that bad?

Dentist: Well, we're going to remove the decay, and then we'll either put a filling in, or if the decay is (5), we can't repair it, we might have to put a crown on your tooth. Or as a last resort, we may have to (6) the tooth.

Patient: Uh, well, that sounds painful!

Dentist: Don't worry. I've done this . . . once before. [Huh?] Nah, just relax.

Patient: Wait! Aren't you suppose to give me something to (7) the pain?

Dentist: Uh, chicken. Oh yeah. I almost forgot. We can either use a local (8) or nitrous oxide . . . laughing gas. . . to minimize the (9) you might feel. Or you can just grin and bear it.

Patient: Nah, Nah, nah! Put me under! [I thought so.] I can't stand pain, and I'd rather not be aware of what's going on. And, if I need a filling, can I get one that looks like my other teeth?

Dentist: If we can save the tooth with a filling, I recommend a high-strength silver (10) filling instead of a porcelain one. It'll probably last longer.

Patient: Okay, well whatever. Let's get it over with.

Dentist: Okay, pleasant dreams. Drill please.

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