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Used Cars
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Instructions: Watch this video clip, and then answer the questions based on what you see and hear.

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Hi, I'm Randall, and I'm thinking about buying uh, another car, but, uh, let's see here. One of them is an old, uh, midsized car. One thousand four hundred ninety-five dollars, but I'm concerned about the number of miles, so that might not be the best choice.

The second one is a, an old minivan, uh, nineteen, wait wait, two thousand six, uh, it's four thousand four hundred ninety-five dollars, but I don't think my kids are so interested in riding in an old, beat up minivan. (In reality, a 2006 minivan might not be that old, but it depends on how it was driven by the previous owner.)

At the last thing is a Jeep. Uh, twenty-five thousand nine hundred ninety dollars. I can see myself going over the mountains, through the hills, but unfortunately, I have other bills to pay so, I think I'll have to think about that a little bit more.

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