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Roadside Assistance: Emergency Call

Instructions: Click the "Play Audio" button and listen to the recording. Then write the words you hear in the correct blank.

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Operator: Hello. This is the emergency 911 (1).

Taxi Driver: Help. Help. Please help me!

Operator: : Yes sir. Please (2) down and explain exactly what is happening.

Taxi Driver: Calm down! My car (3) on the freeway, I have a lady passenger, and she's going into labor.

Operator: : Now relax sir. Explain exactly where you are.

Taxi Driver: I'm . . . I'm in the southbound (4) of the Lincoln Expressway, about 15 miles from the Washington Tunnel, and this lady isn't going to wait.

Operator: :Okay. What's your name sir and your passenger's?

Taxi Driver: It's ... it's Bob, and I have no idea about the woman. She's in no (5) to tell me.

Operator: : Okay, now what's the nearest (6) to your location? Pay careful attention.

Taxi Driver: Umm, I see golden arches . . . McDonalds.

Operator: : Okay, is there anyone else with you?

Taxi Driver: No, and I've tried to get someone else to stop. [The sound of a bottle breaking.]

Operator: : Hey, what was that? [Ahhhh!]

Taxi Driver: Ah, someone threw a (7) at me. How soon can someone get here?

Operator: : I've just (8) an ambulance to your location. They should be there any second.

Taxi Driver: Hey, is there anything I can do while we (9) for the ambulance?

Operator: : Yes, uh, keep her calm and (10).

Taxi Driver: Okay. Please hurry. Oh, they're too late. It's a boy!

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