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Taxi Ride

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Explanation of Answers

1. Where is the man going?

A. to a museum
B. to a movie theater
C. to a musical
D. to a park

Correct Answer (A). The passenger says that he is "going to the National Museum of Art."

2. How long will it take to get to his destination in this taxi?

A. under five minutes
B. under ten minutes
C. under fifteen minutes
D. under twenty minutes

Correct Answer (B). The driver says that for the average taxi driver, it would take more than twenty minutes; however, he says that since he is such a great driver, it would take him only twelve.

3. What time does the place in Question 1 close?

A. at 4:30 PM
B. at 5:00 PM
C. at 6:00 PM
D. at 6:30 PM

Correct Answer (C).

4. Where is the man going later downtown?

A. to a party
B. to a restaurant
C. to a play
D. to a business meeting

Correct Answer (B).

5. How much will the fare be for the taxi ride, not including a tip?

A. between five and ten dollars
B. between ten and fifteen dollars
C. between fifteen and twenty dollars
D. more than twenty dollars

Correct Answer (C). The driver says it will cost about $18, not including the tip.

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