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Radio Advertising

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1. What service is being advertised?

A. home repair
B. food catering
C. carpet cleaning

Correct Answer (C). The carpet is speaking (the answer to question 2), and you hear several statements about how the carpet has become dirty: the children bring in dirt on their shoes, the wife spilt coffee, the man of the house left potato chip crumbs all over the place, etc.

2. Who is speaking in the commercial?

A. the salesperson
B. the carpet
C. the home owner

Correct Answer (B). The carpet speaks throughout the commercial and even promotes the carpet cleaning service.

3. What is the regular cost of the service?

A. $22.95
B. $25.95
C. $29.95

Correct Answer (C). You can say this price two ways: Twenty-nine, ninety-five (as stated in the advertisement) or twenty-nine dollars and ninety-five cents (more formal).

4. What will new customers receive free of charge if they call now?

A. spot cleaner
B. silverware
C. wall hangings

Correct Answer (A). The carpet uses the words "stain remover."

5. What is the store's phone number?

A. 673-5010
B. 633-5100
C. 637-5001

Correct Answer (C). In the advertisement, the carpet says, "six-three-seven-five-zero-zero-one." You could also say, "five-oh-oh-one."

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