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(6) Creating Learning Web Pages

Randall S. Davis
English Language Institute
University of Utah

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1. How to Create Online Interactive Pages

2. Self-study Quizzes and Exercises

  • Multiple-choice Questions: [Example 1 | Example 2]
    Quizzes created using a radio-button format with Java Script. Students select their answers and then the scripting scores the quiz immediately. Good for self-access learning.
  • Clozed Exercises: [Example 1 | Example 2 ]
    Another quiz format for fill-in-the-blank exercises. Automated scoring via Java Scripting.
  • Question/Answer Audio Mailbox: [Examples]
    Students send questions on language and culture by e-mail, and the instructor can create a RealAudio response.
  • Summarizing Main Ideas: [Example 1 | Example 2]: Students listen to a story and then summarize what they heard by filling out a form online. The results are then sent to the instructor.
  • Open Completion Exercise: [Example 1]
    Students provided open-ended answers to questions based on a listening passage.
2. Program/Web Site introductions Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab