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Friday Night Mishaps

Explanation of Answers

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Explanation of Answers

1. Where is Henry going this evening to pick up his wife?

A. the train station
B. the bus station
C. the airport

Correct Answer (C).

2. What was Henry doing Friday night when his problems started?

A. He was watching a game on TV with some pals.
B. He was playing basketball with a few of his friends.
C. He was having a barbeque with a couple of buddies.

Correct Answer (A). Henry says: "I had some of the guys over Friday night to watch a basketball game on TV."

3. The vase broke when one of Henry's friends:

A. hit it with a ball.
B. accidentally dropped it.
C. bumped into it with his arm.

Correct Answer (C). Henry says that one of his friends "got all excited, and started horsing around, waving his arms, and he accidentally knocked over my wife's 250-year old Chinese porcelain vase." In other words, it wasn't dropped, but his friend knocked it over with his arm.

4. How did the manuscript of the book become totally ruined?

A. It burned up in a fire.
B. Hot water damaged the entire copy.
C. Someone mistakenly threw it into the trash.

Correct Answer (A). At first, water from the vase spilled all over the manuscript, but a spark from the fire burned up the book completely.

5. From the tone of the conversation, what sort of reaction does Henry expect from his wife about his misfortunes?

A. disappointment
B. anger
C. contentment

Correct Answer (B). Henry is so certain his wife will be angry that he says that he bought the flowers for his own funeral (although not literally, he thinks his wife will kill him or be extremely upset with him).

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