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Combes Cemetery Records

(This information was sent to Randall S. Davis on January 18, 1996, at his request, by Olga Trevino.)

Name: Frank Contreras (actually, Francisco)
Born: October 14, 1938
Buried: December 13, 1938
Section 3 Lot, J-6, on walkway
Marker: Recordo de sus Padres

Name: Juana Carolina Contreras
Born: August 31, 1935
Buried: October 12, 1958 (this is clearly a recording error; it appears that the recorder copied the wrong date‚‚the date from the following entry of Francisco‚‚perhaps when taking his/her eyes off the original record. The actual date of burial should be about April 1936.)
Section 3, Lot J-8, Space 1
Marker: NiÒa (followed by the dates)

Name: Francisco Contreras
Born: April 5, 1884
Buried: October 12, 1958
Section 3, Lot G-12, Space 4
Marker: Recordo de sus Hijos

Name: Juana Castro
Buried: March 5, 1945
Section 3 (Lot and Space not available
No marker

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