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The Christmas Gift

Explanation of Answers

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Explanation of Answers

1. What event does Ray Anderson witness at the beginning of the story?

A. a home fire
B. an explosion
C. an automobile accident

Correct Answer (C). The narrator says that Ray "witnessed a horrendous accident which took place when the driver of a truck ran a red light and collided with the car of Sandra Jenkins."

2. How did Ray save the baby?

A. He pulled the baby out of the window.
B. He put out the flames with a fire extinguisher.
C. He called the police and fire department.

Correct Answer (A). Ray "crawled into the car through the shattered rear (car) window," and pulled the baby to safety.

3. What happened to Ray?

A. He had extensive head injuries.
B. He was burned over much of his body.
C. He suffered from smoke inhalation.

Correct Answer (B). "Anderson suffered third degree burns over 75 percent of his body."

4. Who is Aaron?

A. He is Ray Anderson's son
B. He is Karen's older brother.
C. He was adopted by Sandra Jenkins.

Correct Answer (A). "He (Aaron) went on to reveal that the man that pulled her from the flames was the father he never knew."

5. What was Ray Anderson doing that fateful Christmas Eve?

A. serving at homeless shelter in the community
B. cutting down Christmas trees for families
C. taking goods to needy people

Correct Answer (C). "Aaron's father was on a mission of love that fateful Christmas Eve in the process of distributing care packages to needy families in the area." These car packages could have contained food, clothing, toys, or other household items.

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