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Hotel Check-In

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Explanation of Answers

1. What is the first problem with the man's reservation?

A. The hotel confused him with another guest.
B. Rooms are overbooked for that evening.
C. There are no more rooms available for five people.
D. The price for the room is more than he expected.

Correct Answer (A). The guest's name is Charles Nelson, but the hotel clerk mistakes him for another guest, Charles C. Nelson.

2. For what day did Mr. Nelson make a hotel reservation?

A. the eighteenth
B. the nineteenth
C. the twentieth
D. the twenty-first

Correct Answer (A). Here's the conversation:

Hotel Clerk: Charles Nelson. A room for one for the 19th and . . .

Guest: Wait. It was for tonight. Not tomorrow night.

In other words, it is the eighteenth in the conversation since Mr. Nelson points out that he made the reservation for the same evening, not the nineteenth.

3. What is taking place in the city that makes getting another room almost impossible?

A. a marathon
B. an outdoor music festival
C. a conference
D. building renovation

Correct Answer (C). The sales clerk mentions that their rooms are full because of a convention (or conference) going on in town. Of course, we do not know what the convention is all about, but the other events mentioned would probably not take place at a convention center.

4. How much is the initial discount on the honeymoon suite after Mr. Nelson complains about the hotel service?

A. $10 B. $15 C. $20 D. $25

Correct Answer (D). Ten percent of the room's rate, $250, would be $25.

5. How does Mr. Nelson respond when the hotel clerk offers to provide him with a free room on his next visit?

A. He thinks it will take a long time for him to receive the free coupon for the room.
B. He feels he should first receive an apology from the manager for what has happened.
C. He suggests that the hotel should give guests an additional 15% discount in cases like his.
D. He implies that he might not visit again because of the problems he has had.

Correct Answer (D). Mr. Nelson says: "It will be a long time." In other words, we could infer from the sentence and from his voice that he has no plans or interest in staying again at the hotel because of his experience there.

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