New Grammar Activities

I am considering developing a new section to my Web site, Randall's ESL Cyber Listening ( that helps students improve their grammar skills, while recycling other skills including listening and speaking. Therefore, once students have done one of my listening activities, they can then practice grammar using the same topic, vocabulary, and expressions together. By recycling all of these together, I can students can better remember, retain, and apply the skills in real communicative situations.

After completing the demo lesson, please complete these questions. Thank you.

Demo Lesson:

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1: How helpful are these types of activities to you in improving your grammar and other language skills?
Strongly agree
Somewhat agree
Somewhat disagree
Strongly Disagree
2: Which types of questions in the demo do you like most?
The written questions (Part I)
The listening questions (Part II)
3: How clear were the questions and answers to each question?
Very clear
Somewhat clear
Somewhat unclear
Not clear at all
4: Some of the questions had sound effects. Should I leave them in or remove them?
Leave them in. They add variety to the activity.
Remove them. They are distracting and/or not needed.
It doesn't matter.
5: What other specific comments do you have that can help me make these exercises better? (Please don't use the return button on your keyboard when answering this question.)

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