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Battle at the Front

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1. Where is the news reporter, Stan Fielding, in the city?

A. at a military facility
B. in the suburbs
C. in the downtown area

Correct Answer (B). The reporter says: "This is Stan Fielding reporting live from the outskirts of the capital city." The outskirts of the city would be the area surrounding the city, so the best choice would be "in the suburbs."

2. How long has the civil war been going on for?

A. almost one year
B. just over a year
C. a year and a half

Correct Answer (C). The civil war has been going on for 18 months or a year and a half.

3. About what time of day is this news report taking place?

A. in the early afternoon
B. in the late evening
C. in the middle of the night

Correct Answer (C). The reporter says that "it's feared that they [the rebels] will be able to take the capital building before sunup." We can thus infer that it is probably already dark, and that sunup is only a few hours away.

4. What is the main target of the rebels in this latest attack?

A. the current location of city leaders
B. military stockpiles of ammunition
C. the main lines of transportation

Correct Answer (A). The reporter states that "it's feared that they will be able to take the capital building before sunup where it is believed, many government officials are holding out." From this sentence, it appears that the rebels main objective or goal is to seize power from the government by taking the capital building where government leaders are staying.

5. Which is NOT a major problem as a result of the war so far?

A. infectious disease
B. lack of drinking water and food
C. insufficient housing

Correct Answer (A). As reported, "no epidemics have broken out," so disease is not a current problem.

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