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First Mountain Bank

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Explanation of Answers

You want to . . .

1. 1. check the balance in your checking account:

Correct Answer (B, number 2). You can check your balance under account history. Information about all of your account transactions (e.g., balances, cashed checks, records of payroll deductions and money transfers) would be found here.

2. check the interest rate on a 6-month certificate of deposit:

Correct Answer (D, number 4). Interest rates, including those on savings, checking, certificate of deposits, and money market accounts, can be accessed by pressing number 4. A certificate of deposit (CD) is a short-term investment where you let the bank or financial institution use your money for periods ranging from 3 months or more, and you promise not to withdraw the money during that time period. Interest rates on CDs are a higher than those on regular savings accounts.

3. see if a check has cleared the bank:

Correct Answer (B, number 2). This banking feature is useful to let you know if a particular check has been cashed..

4. find out when the bank closes on Saturdays:

Correct Answer (A, number 1).

5. move money from your money market account to savings:

Correct Answer (C, number 3). Any type of transfers of money from one account to another can be handled by pressing 3. Loan transfers can also be done using this function.

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