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Our Aging Society

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1. What is the main topic of this address?

A. the growing crisis of inadequate retirement pensions for the future
B. the problem of providing adequate medical care for the elderly
C. the need to reevaluate our attitudes towards senior citizens

Correct Answer (C). The last paragraph explains that the main focus of his lecture will be on "realigning our perspectives on what it means to be a part of this group, and finding meaning roles the elderly can and should play in our societies."

2. What was the speaker's purpose in sharing the story about his grandfather?

A. to highlight the difficulties of finding affordable housing in the future
B. to illustrate the preoccupations of older citizens with growing older
C. to describe the lack of public facilities designed for the elderly

Correct Answer (B). Dr. Miller talked about how his grandfather feared losing his independence and having to move into a retirement home as he was growing older. Finding an affordable place his grandparents to live was not an issue (A), nor was the lack of public facilities stated (C).
3. Which of the following statements did Dr. Miller NOT mentioned when speaking of senior citizens' "golden years"?

A. The loss of a person's self-identity is most prevalent in one's advancing years.
B. A person's declining health contributes to a feeling of inadequacy.
C. Self-worth is often tied to one's profession and social standing.

Correct Answer (A). Dr. Miller does not say that the lost of identity is MOST prevalent during the golden years, but that it SOMETIMES occurs.
4. What do you think the speaker will talk about in the next part of his address?

A. the contributions the elderly can make in our societies
B. the swelling burden of supporting welfare programs in the future
C. our responsibility of building retirement homes for our graying society

Correct Answer (A). In the last paragraph, Dr. Miller explained that other lecturers had already discussed (B) and (C), and he says that he wanted to talk about how we should find "meaning roles the elderly can and should play in our societies."
5. Where does this plenary address most likely take place?

A. at a retirement home
B. at a conference center
C. at a hospital

Correct Answer (B). Plenary addresses are usually for large audiences held at convention or conference centers.

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